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Taught by Angela Ohmer

Angela began her bodywork journey in 1998 at Mueller College for Holistic Studies in San Diego, Ca. She has been studying and practicing Thai Massage since 2004, when she traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study under “Momma” Lek Chaiya. She returned to Chiang Mai in 2008 to complete her advanced studies and Thai Foot Reflexology. She has practiced intentionally and from coast to coast.

In this active and fast-paced class, you will learn a full body 60-90minute Thai yoga massage routine that you can immediately put into practice. Thai massage is a form of therapy created 3000 years ago by the Indian Doctor Shivago.


This type of bodywork uses passive yoga postures to open energy channels to bring balance into the body. The various techniques can be mixed and matched to make a shorter or longer session.


You will learn some of the fundamentals of why you are performing certain moves and how the client will be positively affected.

You will also learn how to use different parts of your body (including your hands, feet, arms, legs and knees) as tools to apply compression along energy lines and yoga-like stretches to assist in increasing your client’s range of motion and flexibility.


On the last day, you will how to prepare and use the Thai Herbal Ball (Compress)

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