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Mrs. Trish Taylor
( Ayurveda Instructor )

Mrs. Trish Taylor RYT, is a passionate educator and practitioner of Ayurveda, hailing from South Africa. With a deep-rooted love for holistic wellness and ancient healing traditions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of experience to her teachings.

Mrs. Taylor is the founder of Life Retreat, where she shares her expertise in Ayurveda, helping individuals discover balance and well-being through personalized lifestyle practices.

Excitingly, Mrs.Taylor will be joining the esteemed House of Yoga Academy for their 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Her addition to this program reflects her commitment to spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda and integrating it into yoga practices.

Mrs. Taylor's teachings blend traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern-day applications, empowering her students to cultivate vibrant health, harmony, and mindfulness in their lives.

With a warm and nurturing approach, she creates a supportive learning environment where students can delve deep into Ayurveda's timeless wisdom.


Her dedication to empowering others on their wellness journey makes her a valuable asset to both Life Retreat and House of Yoga Academy!

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Dr. Thomas Capshew
( Reiki Instructor )

Dr. Thomas Capshew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Reiki Master training sessions. Holding a Ph.D. from Virginia, his expertise spans various fields, including energy healing, mindfulness practices, and holistic wellness.


With a deep-rooted passion for helping others achieve balance and harmony, Dr. Capshew's journey into Reiki began as a personal quest for self-discovery and healing.

His dedication to the art of Reiki shines through in his teachings, where he combines traditional Reiki principles with modern scientific insights. Dr. Capshew's approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, fostering a holistic understanding of healing and well-being.

Through interactive workshops and personalized guidance, Dr. Capshew empowers participants to tap into their innate healing abilities and cultivate a sense of inner peace and vitality.


His compassionate demeanor and extensive knowledge make him a trusted mentor and guide on the path to Reiki mastery.

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